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21 Jun 15    

The Courier Critic website is now live!

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3Royal Mail1.00

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DateCourierRatingRetailerMarketplace (?)Indicates whether the sale
was though the primary retailer, or
a through a third party.
514 Oct 15Royal Mail1ebay.co.ukNoMikeUtterly slow, utterly useless. Royal Fail or Royal Snail, take your pick. Their postment look like tramps and try to ram packages through the letterbox that are too big to go through. Items go missing or turn up weeks late. They have no respect for property. Sloppy service not worth the money.
414 Oct 15Yodel1ebay.co.ukNoMikeAnother company I hate dealing with. Again they mis-handle goods and deliver them to the wrong address frequently. They once had the nerve to deliver a set of bunk beds with the box hanging to bits and half the parts damaged and missing.
325 Aug 15Yodel1Amazon.co.ukNoRustyYodel completely useless as always, goods not delivered on required day as "sent to wrong despatch centre".
218 Jul 15DX10WiggleNoChris BVery quick, got a text and email telling me what date, was an option for them to leave parcel somewhere i requested which was nice.
103 Jul 15Yodel9MyproteinNoAlistaireNever had any problems with delivery. Always receive emails to update the progress of my delivery. Yodel give a great service to myprotein at a standard delivery charge, never needed to pay extra for quicker or more efficient service, would recommend any day.

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